Got a question? Hopefully, it will be answered here. We will update this page with new FAQ’s if the same thing gets asked a lot, so please do check back here before asking a question.

Covid-19 – update

Q: What is happening with orders and the current Covid-19 situation.? – Jan 2022
A: We are as such back to being operational, if a little slower than normal however please note visitors by appointment only until further notice.

Q: Why has it taken so long to turn around school uniform?
A: As a few may be aware we have appeared under a new trading name, this along with dealing with the Covid -19 situation has been a mammoth task for us and not one that can be quickly resolved/adjusted too for many of us. Stock levels for uniform and clothing have been majorly affected in the past few months and are slowly starting to show signs of normality. This has meant for us that although we have wanted to provide you with this service for ordering uniforms and clothing as fast and as smoothly as possible, unfortunately it has not been possible. On the upside we are getting back on track for you all to return to work/school life looking your best in your new uniforms and workwear.


Q: Why are primary school garments offered up to age 14 ?
A: Children come in all shapes and sizes, and grow at different rates to each other too, so to ensure we can offer uniform to everyone our sizes (or ages) cover 3 to 14 years old.

Q: Why are garments for age 14 more expensive ?
A: All garments for age 14 and above incur VAT which is why they appear more expensive. FYI this applies to all childrens clothing in the UK, not just school uniform.

Q: How are garments sized ?
A: The sizing charts and measurement information on our website is taken directly from manufacturers data, and refer to the ‘sizing of the person’ and not the actual size of the garment. For example a top that states Size: XS chest 31/32″ 79/81cm 12 years etc… doesn’t mean the garment will actually measure 31/32″ 79/81cm across the chest – it is manufactured / sized to fit a person of these dimensions.


Q: What options do I have?
A: We now offer ‘LOCAL PICK UP’ and ‘FLAT RATE SHIPPING’ for all our orders.  Please note you must wait for an email confirmation that your order is ready to collect before turning up to collect an order. The collection times are currently limited to Wednesday and Thursday only, 10am to 2pm. Collections outside of this timeframe are currently not possible.

Q: When will my order arrive?
A: We aim to get your order to you within 3-5 working days of receiving your order. Our preferred delivery process is Royal Mail first class. IMPORTANT– These are the stated ‘delivery aims’ from the mail/carrier companies, and do not include the day of dispatch, weekends, bank holidays or Covid-19 restrictions/delays.

Q: How will my order be shipped / delivered?
A: The flat rate charged covers the combination of delivery methods we utilise including drop off, Royal Mail and couriers, depending on the size of your order and your location.

Q: My order has arrived damaged – what should I do.?
A: This is covered in detail (and in a more legal and accurate speak) in our Terms & Conditions – please ensure you read these before ordering, but in brief, you must report any damage within 48 hours of delivery.

Q: Can I have my order delivered to a different address?
A: Yes you can – in the checkout there is the facility to enter a different delivery address from your standard account/billing address. Please use this facility – DO NOT put a different address in the notes section, as the address labelling system only picks up the ‘Delivery Address’ from the database, not the notes. We cannot be held responsible for incorrect deliveries due to incorrect delivery address information being provided by you.

Q: Is your ordering system safe.?
A: For your peace of mind we have an SSL certificate on our website to encrypt all the information you enter on your keyboard/keypad into your order or enquiry form, and furthermore, we don’t even see or store your credit/debit card details or PayPal account details on our system. All payment processing is controlled, secured, and processed by PayPal’s secure system on their network, not ours. No credit card details or payment processing is handled or seen on our website or our server.

Q: I only want to order 1 item from you, and not order anything else in the future. Can I have my personal details removed from your ordering system afterwards.?
A: No problem. Simply contact me via email clearly stating you wish to be removed from the system (quoting your last order reference and PayPal reference for ID purposes) and I will remove you from the ordering database as soon as your order has been processed. Please note we will have to retain certain records here for UK financial, taxation and accountancy purposes, but your details will be removed from the online ordering system as requested.


If you have a question that is not listed or answered here, simply send us a message and we’ll get back you as soon as possible.